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         The screenshots below are just a tiny sample of what you will find in the HTML course. The desktop course is designed so you can work along in the Microsoft® Windows text editor, Notepad, and view the results of your work immediately in Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

[Screenshots were saved in .PNG format (Portable Network Graphic) to preserve quality, you will need to be using a 4th generation browser (ie: Explorer 4.0 or Navigator 4.0 or higher) to be able to see these images.]

Follow the step-by-step instruction with hundreds of colorful illustrations and screenshots to create, edit, link, ... real, working Web pages using HTML. "Simplest Terms" explanations lead into examples and exercises.

Work along in Notepad, see the results immediately in the Web browser (Internet Explorer).

Standard program window, easy to use toolbar and familiar navigation tools, no new menu to learn before starting the course.

Appropriate material coverage, examples, and exercises for each lesson objective.

       Copyright © 2001 Michael B. Dill and Maureen Shryock