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Comments from a few HTML Course Users:

"...students have benefited greatly by using your programme. It has brought those who want to learn HTML from scratch on, in leaps and bounds, and has been an invaluable teaching aid. is a winning format."
     Brian Beckett, Teacher/Counselor, UK

"phenomenal. ...the best documentation I have seen as a Community Leader."
     Rick R., Community Leader
     AOL Computing Channel

"...This program gives you HTML in it's simplest terms. Both the instructions and examples make learning easy. The program takes you step-by-step through the process. Creating a basic, personal Web page to a more complicated multi-layered site is suddenly easy. It's a nice break from those painful manuals out there than can even send a professional screaming! ...the program teaches users the necessary skills to maintain their new creations. ...Your grandma can be creating and editing her own home page filled with pictures of her grandkids in no time! ..."
     Cynthia Schmidt
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     The Andover Update

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