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HTML for the Total Beginner

     A complete, course in Web Page Authoring with Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML--for beginners of all ages.   HTML is presented in "simplest terms" with step-by-step instruction and hundreds of illustrations and screenshot examples. The course design utilizes a teaching approach that is most effective in making technical concepts and information meaningful to a diverse learner group. A logical progression of topics, measured steps in degree of complexity, visual references throughout, and a user controlled pace create a no pressure learning space that results in a positive technical training experience--these conditions translate into user success.
Course Contents
     This course was created to fill the gap left by printed manuals that are too technical, online tutorials that are inconvenient to use and often too vague, and expensive one-day (4-8 hour) workshops that impart too much information in too little time.   The HTML for the Total Beginner author team has combined their education and experience in the areas of computer technology, teaching, and the graphic and visual arts to come up with an intuitive, easy to follow and understand, and engaging training solution. A Few Comments from Course Users
     Aside from our HTML course, the only tools needed to create ready-to-publish Web pages are a simple text editor and a browser program. Microsoft® Windows® Notepad and Microsoft® Internet Explorer® work perfectly and are already on the PC.

    Teachers / Instructors this course is designed especially for those with "no experience" and will make an excellent addition (supplement) to course material/courseware you may already be using. Contact us for ordering information.

    Office / Personnel Managers, courses that teach HTML have rapidly moved to the top of everyones technology training agenda. Web Authoring courses increase technological literacy which is a very valuable asset in the workplace. If your company sponsors employee professional development activities you need HTML for the Total Beginner. If it is your company's policy to simply work to encourage self-directed development by identifying effective and affordable training opportunities--you will do your employees a great service by making them aware of HTML for the Total Beginner. Contact us for ordering information.

Course Contents

Part 1 - Getting Started
Setting up the Learning Workspace
Your First Web Page
Part 2 - Putting Text in Your Page
Basic Text Styles
Section Headings
Working with Fonts
Tag Combinations, Adding "Space"
Part 3 - Block Formatting
Line Breaks, Centering
The Horizontal Rule, Paragraph Block
Block Quote, Preformatted Text
The Comment Tag, Using Lists
Part 4 - Images
Bringing in an Image, Image File Path
Image Attributes, Images and Text Flow
Image File Formats, GIF Animations
Part 5 - Making Links
Simple Text Links, The eMail Link
The URL, Images as Links,
       Create a MouseOver
Part 6 - Color and Backgrounds
Color in HTML
Background Color, "Text Link" Colors
Image Backgrounds, Banner Backgrounds
Part 7 - Tables
Defining a Table
Table Attributes
Part 8 - Using Frames in a Page
A Simple Frames Set
       Vertically Aligned Frames
       Horizontally Aligned Frames
Nested Frames Sets
       The Rows Frameset
       The Columns Frameset
Inline Frames, The Noframes Element
Part 9 - Wrapping it Up
Quick Reference, Character Entities
Meta Tags, Uploading Your Pages
Submitting Your pages to Major Search Sites
HTML and the World Wide Web Consortium

       Copyright © 2001 Michael B. Dill and Maureen Shryock